November, 20th, 2020

Remote monitoring of transport conditions

Stimio relied on its product offering to provide an end-to-end solution allowing its customer, an independant supply-chain provider specialised in sensitive high-value asset transportation, to remotely monitor the transport conditions, thus helping him to consolidate its leading position in a market segment facing the digital revolution.

Worldwide location and instant transport conditions for high value goods

When dealing with the transportation of critical and high-valued assets, connecting packaging and monitoring transport conditions (TCM) are more than required – with being able to follow these datas in 250 countries as the top challenging layer.

Indeed, the risks for the transport of high-value assets are multiple:

Inappropriate storage and transport conditions (rapid temperature change, sun exposure, shocks, etc.)

In order to provide its customers with monitored assets, our client called upon our know-how on IoT connected devices.

An end-to-end solution, from sensors to visualization platform 

The surveillance solution is based on Stimio’s STU-C100X device The STU-C100X is a monitoring device able to communicate anywhere in the world thanks to its cellular connection. With the STU-C100X, our customer is able to real-time monitor transport conditions and its physical parameters, such as:

Impact severities
Outdoor position

Monitored data are made available in Oxygen Asset Management, Stimio’s all-in-one integrated cloud platform for device connectivity, data management and visualization.

monitoring transport conditions

Logistic loop and quality optimization

This real-time monitoring solution is able to quantify the quality of its transport services with
dedicated KPI and rich data. Our client’s end-customers are also given a private access to remotely livemonitor their assets to increase visibility and confidence. Our dedicated answer positions our client as a major provider for customers looking to monitor and secure the transport of sensitive goods.

On a macro perspective, regarding the whole transport chain, our IoT solution allows to identify causes and liabilities when transport conditions are out of requirements. It also give precious insights when analyzing the service quality of subcontractors involved in the transport process

Finally, with real-time data, supply-chain providers can optimize their logistic loop and investments.

A wide range of connected devices for industrial assets monitoring


Stimio has developed a unique approach that detects, classifies abnormal events and predicts potential impact on goods.

Remotely configurable and compliant with aeronautics transportation constraints and restrictions, we provide, on a worldwide basis, a continuous monitoring as well as event-based or periodical data collection.

Our IoT solutions allow to :

Identify cause and liabilities when disputes occur

→ Optimize the logistics loop

Classify operators involved in your supply-chain

Give access to a visualization platfotm to end-customers

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