Stimio supports you in solving your business issues through innovative solutions and advanced technologies.

An adaptable technological platform ready for industrialization


In order to accelerate the deployment of a solution adapted to its customers’ specific needs, Stimio relies on its technological Cloud platform Oxygen Asset Management, proven electronic bricks and a proprietary embedded intelligence solution: our SDK Oxygen Application Studio. This SDK offers a high level of configuration to adapt the behavior of the object and integrate new types of sensors.


These tools guarantee controlled cycle times and allow our teams and customers to focus on the use case.

Main features of our technological platform

  • Adaptation of sensors and information collection mechanisms
  • Standard or customizable outer cases
  • Industrial mechanical reliability (IP, IK, ATEX)
  • Wide compatibility with LPWan networks (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, LTE-M, NB-IoT 2G / 3G / 4G)
  • Remote and Bluetooth configuration
  • 5 years autonmy(depending on the use cases)
  • Oxygen Application Studio allowing the advanced adaptation of the object behaviour
  • Oxygen Asset Management for data enrichment and visualisation, failures prediction and easy integration to customers’ IT systems.

Our value proposition

A generic and modular software-driven sensor system with Edge-ML capabilities to address a wide range of use cases

Enriched data integration into your EAM/ IT systems

Oxygen Application Studio to develop your own application in minimum time

A well-proven expertise with major infrastructure managers and rolling stock operators

Oxygen Asset Management combining data analytics and AI-based prediction algorithms

A Return-on-investment between 6 to 24 months.

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Monitoring and prediction of sand levels in silos

Monitoring and prediction of sand levels in silos

April, 21st 2022Monitoring and prediction of sand levels in silos  The large majority of rail rolling stock, trains, tramways and subways use sand to increase wheel-rail adhesion for traction and braking. Some conditions significantly decrease vehicle adhesion, such...

Monitoring and prediction of counterweight height

Monitoring and prediction of counterweight height

February, 2nd 2022Monitoring and prediction of counterweight heightTo ensure uninterrupted service and the safety of the infrastructure, the monitoring of catenary tensioning is essential for the entire network. In order to avoid contact wire breaking, in spite of...

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