SIDM: railway signalling monitoring

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  • No perturbation of the infrastructure – non-intrusive measurement.
  • Stationary use for continuous remote monitoring or mobile use for yearly maintenance campaigns.
  • Time saving for fault finding via the monitoring and alerting (buzzer) functions
  • Agents trip optimization to take enhanced surveillance measures for centres not equipped with an Isolation Defect Detector.
  • Better understanding of the impact of train traffic on isolation behaviour to identify the weak spots and defective cables.

SNCF is modernizing the maintenance of its signaling equipment with our SIDM connected device.

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The quality of the signaling network is a major issue for the safety of train, metro and tram traffic. It is also a major axis for commercial performance and customer sentiment, particularly in terms of delays.

Remotely controlling the proper functioning of these networks makes it possible to anticipate interventions and limit on-field maintenance.

SIDM is Stimio’s solution – developed in collaboration with SNCF RÉSEAU, to monitor Signaling cable Isolation Drift Monitoring.